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Do you want everything in the cloud or local?

Need a server for your business?

Do your employees need to work from home securely?

Do you handle sensitive patient or financial data?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Can you check your security cameras from your phone?


Data Security - We have expertise in setting up full security stack protection

Ransomware -  data breach mitigation and recovery

Workstation - PC repair, upgrade, replacement - Secure data destruction for old computers

Software - We help with installation, licensing, configuration, and troubleshooting of many software packages

Wi-Fi - Set up branded/personalized corporate and guest Wi-Fi networks

Internet - Tuning network performance and eliminating bottlenecks
Print - From small desk printers to commercial volume MFPs, we support it all

Scan - Scan to your email or to a network share

Point of Sale - Set up modern payment systems
Server/Client - Enable all your employees to access a centralized business platform
Backups - Local and Cloud solutions available

VPN - Allow employees to work from home over an encrypted connection
Cabling - Ethernet/Coax installs, upgrades, or expansions
Surveillance - Security Cameras and a DVR/NVR so you can view your property and access recorded video
Audio/Video - Conference rooms, training rooms, projectors, PA systems, lobby media displays

Maintenance contracts available, or call when you just need something fixed

Desktop and laptop PCs

We primarily focus on the user experience. Through years of experience, we strive to satisfy the customer needs. Is your PC slow? Infected? Glitchy? Our techs can provide a tune-up, virus removal, antivirus, local backups and cloud backups. 

Network and Infrastructure

Our years of experience in the commercial and residential sectors provide expertise in network cabling and switching. We can install cabling, cable management, switches, routers, power distribution, power redundancy, cooling and airflow, and rack systems. 

Hardware and Software

Dedication to the user experience is key. Our technicians have experience with both hardware and software environments. Identifying your needs invoves knowledge of both realms. 

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